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Growth, Education, & a Great Support System

Jamie at Cultivate Hair Salon

When Cultivate was created, it was originally intended for my education business. Education and growth are the cornerstones of my beliefs and they go hand-in-hand with owning your own business. If a leader isn’t constantly evolving and educating themselves about their industry and changes, there will always be limit to their growth.

So how have those cornerstones changed as a salon owner? They haven’t. They are still the foundation of Cultivate & two ideals I continually strengthen. In order for a salon to grow, the leader has to grow with their role. Growth is essential and becoming a strong leader means my team can grow stronger and healthier.

I constantly tell my Cultivars that I will never ask them to do something I’m not willing to do as well. Whether it’s goals we set as a team, personal goals I set as a stylist, or professional goals I set as a leader. I choose to lead by example, so that means creating an environment that I can thrive in as well as my team.

This business isn’t for the faint of heart. To truly make your mark, you need to take that growth and education back to your team and guests to continually enhance your level of service. It’s about pushing hard to create the environment we seek. When you know better, it’s time to do better and that’s a standard I try to live by every day.  

Thankfully, I have a group to lean into and help push me in ways that are unexpected and needed. Along with my Cultivars, Aveda Florida is an amazing network that is always there to help, lend a listening ear, and provide the kind of support a salon owner needs in this world.

Growth is draining sometimes and it’s always a good idea to have a support system that can help you back up when you stumble. Part of being a capable leader is to understand different perspectives to problems and solutions. I cannot stress the immense value a great support system is and the insights they bring to help improve my abilities as a leader.

Bottom line…no one has it all figured out. We are all growing and learning…which is a good thing! Growth means there is still opportunities there and I want to keep cultivating myself into the best version of me.

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