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Welcome to My Chair. This is the place where you get to be pampered and feel like the #1 priority, because you are. I believe in the power of transformations, large and small. My favorite part of a service is the final reveal when my guest says, "Wow, is that really my hair?". Whether you are looking to strengthen the health of your hair or completely change up your style and color, I'm here to help you find your Dream Hair. 

I'm also a big believer in pampering my guests, so hand and scalp massages are high priority in every service.

I want each of my guests to feel empowered and to be able to see their true beauty. Having my guests fall in love with their hair again reminds me why I love doing what I do.

Are you ready to get pampered? Let's connect.


I'm originally from Burma and relocated to the states in 2018.

I've been in the beauty industry with Aveda since 2020 and started at Cultivate, assisting Jamie in 2021. After two years of working next to Jamie, I started taking guests of my own as a stylist at Cultivate.

I love to bring positivity into each appointment and creating big transformations with cut and color.

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Hair Cuts

Dusting Cut: $50 (60 minutes)
ReShaping Cut: $60 (90 minutes)
Transformative Cut: $70 (120 minutes)

Hair Color

Touch Up: $70 (130 minutes)
Full Color: $95 (145 minutes)
Full Color Thick/Long: $115 (160 minutes)
Facial Framing Foils w/Touch up: $30 (30 minutes)
Partial Blonding: $65 (150 minutes)
Custom Partial Blonding: $90 (175 minutes)
Half Head Blonding: $95 (175 minutes)
Custom Half Head Blonding: $115 (205 minutes)
Full Head Blonding: $120 (190 minutes)
Custom Full Blonding: $150 (245 minutes)

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Check out some of my favorite Aveda products and discover how they can help improve the health of your hair.

Please note that these prices are starting points and you will need to secure your appointment with a small deposit that will be deducted from your final service total.

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