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Jamie Long

Founder & CEO



Lennon Hoekstra


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Melissa Edwards

Purefessional & Educator


Ja Lahtaw


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Lindsey Slaughter


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What is a Cultivar?

It's persistence under cultivation, always growing, always refining. The development of one's mind or capacities through one's own efforts.

Our goal at Cultivate is to persistently push you towards the next level with focused intention.


We are dedicated to creating an uplifting environment where our team & clients can thrive. Here are our core values:

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  • Dedicated team players

  • Exceptional communication

  • Passionate about their craft

  • Never-ending learner

  • Committed to a growth mindset

  • Consistency with follow-through

  • Attentive to inclusiveness

  • Self-motivation

  • Devoted to having integrity. To always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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Jamie is a third-generation hairdresser with a passion for Aveda hair color. Her journey with this environmentally conscious company began in 2006 when she joined as an Aveda alumnus. Over the years, she discovered her love for sharing “Ah-Ha” moments and collaborating with fellow hair artists, leading her to become a certified Aveda hair color educator in 2013. In 2021, she achieved her dream of owning an Aveda salon and becoming a Purefessional.


Continuing education is at the heart of Jamie's philosophy, both for herself and her team at Cultivate Hair Salon. She firmly believes that the craft of being a hair artist can be challenging, especially when wearing multiple hats. To ensure their longevity and excellence behind the chair, Jamie advocates for filling their cups with education, passion, commitment and a hunger for learning.

Jamie specializes in lived-in color, providing custom color consultations, and handling color corrections. Her ultimate goal for her team and Cultivate is to create a wealthier life for everyone involved - not only in financials terms but also in terms of time, love,and health, all achieved through teamwork and continuous education.

To book classes, please email us at

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Highly motivated and dedicated to growth, Melissa takes a passionate approach to everything she does. Whether it be teaching at your salon, or working with guests behind the chair, she recognizes every moment as a learning opportunity.  Her favorite things to do in the salon include Balayage, Color Corrections, and Redheads.


Melissa takes a passionate approach to everything she does, including working with guests behind the chair. She began her career in 2006 and has since worked as not only a stylist, but also a salon manager, and an educator at the Aveda Institute Jacksonville. Her favorite services to provide include balayage, highlighting, and any hair color projects. Her biggest accomplishment thus far has been the opportunities she has had to teach Aveda hair color across the state of Florida. Aside from being a stylist at Aura, she also serves as an educator for our beginner stylists. Melissa loves to travel and spend time with her son Maxie.


To book classes, please email us at

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