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My personal style mirrors my approach towards hair: effortlessly chic. I believe in creating a calm, easy energy for each of my guests to feel at ease when in my chair. If this means a silent, chill experience, or a space to chat about life's latest stories, I'm here for it. The one thing I want you to feel when you leave my chair is confident; in the way you look, feel, and in your skills to maintain your style.

I encourage embracing natural texture and teaching you how to work with your hair in a way that feels effortless. I stand by creating healthy hair routines that strengthen your hair's foundation, which means styling is simple.  So whether you are looking for a vibrant color transformation, recovering from a less-than-stellar salon experience, or simply craving a serene escape to renew yourself, I've got you covered. As my guest, it's all about your needs, wants, and hair goals.


Highly motivated and dedicated to growth, I take a passionate approach to everything I do. Whether it is teaching at a salon, or working with guests behind the chair, I recognize every moment as a learning opportunity. My favorite things to do in the salon includes Balayage, Color Corrections, and Redheads. I began my career in 2006 and have not only worked as a stylist, but also as a salon manager, and an educator at the Aveda Institute in Jacksonville. My biggest accomplishments so far have been the opportunities I've had to teach Aveda hair color across the state of Florida.

Aside from being a stylist, I love to travel and spend time with my son.

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Hair Cuts

Dusting Cut: $75 (60 minutes)
ReShaping Cut: $85 (90 minutes)
Transformative Cut: $110 (120 minutes)

Hair Color

Touch Up: $90 (130 minutes)
Full Color: $125 (145 minutes)
Full Color Thick/Long: $150 (160 minutes)
Facial Framing Foils w/Touch up: $55 (30 minutes)
Partial Blonding: $115 (150 minutes)
Custom Partial Blonding: $150 (175 minutes)
Half Head Blonding: $175 (175 minutes)
Custom Half Head Blonding: $200 (205 minutes)
Full Head Blonding: $210 (190 minutes)
Custom Full Blonding: $250 (245 minutes)

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Check out some of my favorite Aveda products and discover how they can help improve the health of your hair.

Please note that these prices are starting points and you will need to secure your appointment with a small deposit that will be deducted from your final service total.

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