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Welcome to My Chair: Your Sanctuary for Beauty and Empowerment
As a low maintenance stylist with a deep passion for encouraging women, my goal is to create a unique and uplifting experience for you. When you sit in my chair, it’s all about you and how I can help you feel beautiful and powerful.
My approach goes beyond just giving you your dream hair; I aim to provide a haven from the daily stresses of life. Here, you’ll find a supportive environment where you can relax and rejuvenate.
I believe in guiding you on a healthy hair journey. If your desired style might harm your hair’s integrity, I’ll offer alternatives that will keep your hair looking its best. Your hair’s health is my top priority.
What could I do for your hair today? Let’s find out together.

I'm a third generation hairdresser who found her passion in Aveda hair color. As an Aveda alumnus, I began my hair color journey with this environmentally conscious company in 2006. Sharing “Ah-Ha” moments and collaborating with fellow hair artists fueled my passion to become a certified Aveda hair color educator in 2013. I went on to become an Aveda salon owner and Purefessional in 2021. Continuing education is part of my core and an essential part for my team at Cultivate Hair Salon. I believe that, “the craft of being a hair artist can be trying at times, when we’re wearing so many hats. Filling our cup with education, passion, commitment and expertise to learning is what extends our longevity behind the chair.” I specializes in lived in color, custom color consultation and color corrections.

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Hair Cuts

Dusting Cut: $95 (60 minutes)
ReShaping Cut: $105 (90 minutes)
Transformative Cut: $150 (120 minutes)

Hair Color

Touch Up: $110 (130 minutes)
Full Color: $160 (145 minutes)
Full Color Thick/Long: $190 (160 minutes)
Facial Framing Foils w/Touch up: $65 (30 minutes)
Partial Blonding: $135 (150 minutes)
Custom Partial Blonding: $165 (175 minutes)
Half Head Blonding: $195 (175 minutes)
Custom Half Head Blonding: $220 (205 minutes)
Full Head Blonding: $260 (190 minutes)
Custom Full Blonding: $295 (245 minutes)

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Check out some of my favorite Aveda products and discover how they can help improve the health of your hair.

Please note that these prices are starting points and you will need to secure your appointment with a small deposit that will be deducted from your final service total.

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