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The Other Side of Me

Ryan Leaks at Aveda Congress

Story time!!

While I was at Aveda Congress last year, I had the pleasure of listening to motivational speaker and author of “Leveling Up”, Ryan Leaks. I highly recommend his book and if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of his events, do it!

In his book, he discusses 12 questions that help you elevate your personal and business development since they go hand in hand. One question hit me deeply since I am always thinking about it and it aligns so well with Cultivate's culture!

Side note, I love self-improvement books, podcasts, everything! So when someone asks questions like this that spark change in me, I’m hooked.   


His questions was ‘What’s it like to be on the other side of me?


It’s a self-awareness question that we don’t always ask ourselves. But as a stylist, I’ve been asking this question to myself my whole career.  As we interact with people daily, what experience are they getting? Is it manic, chaotic, confusing, or is it peaceful, uplifting, engaging? In my industry, you wear so many different hats, each one being just as important as the other because not only is my job to create beautiful results, it’s also about the experience, the environment and the interaction with each guest that enhances their whole appointment.

Cultivate is not a place where we shove you in a chair and rip you out just as quickly as possible.  That’s not our culture. It’s about finding a place to feel peaceful, creative, engaged, and uplifted. That doesn’t mean everything goes perfectly every time. That’s just life sneaking in. But what it does mean is that each guest should feel wanted, included, and heard when they are on the other side of us.

We talk about what the Cultivate Way means. It means having your stylist invested in your goals for your hair. It’s about finding a path forward together with personalized touches to get you to your dream hair. And we are firm believers that you must have joy in the journey to make it worth it.

The other part of Ryan Leaks question was to constantly ask, “How can I get better?

Our guests’ experiences are at the forefront of our minds, and this is where our Cultivate Culture comes in…what can I do to make it better? What can I do to improve the experience of me?

Cultivars are always growing, learning, and changing and this is a commitment we make. We are invested in our guests, our skills, our salon, and ourselves to keep growing, bettering, and enhancing the journey. We don’t want our guests to just have an appointment…we want them to have an experience. A place where they walk away feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world again.

That’s the Cultivate Way. That’s what we strive to provide on the other side of us.

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