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Creating a Beautifully, Inclusive Space

Cultivate Aveda Salon

Creating an inclusive salon experience is essential at Cultivate. It’s one of our non-negotiables. We fully believe that the most beautiful thing you can do in this life is to be your true, authentic self. That is why we cultivate an environment of inclusiveness, understanding, and acceptance of all who cross our path. Everyone is welcomed, respected, and included when they are at Cultivate and our number one goal is to help our guests shine in their own, unique way.


This inclusiveness doesn’t just focus on our environment and guest experience, it also means having stylists that are verse in all different types of hair, styles, verbiage, and preferences. Partnered with Aveda, we continually participate and engage in education that helps create more inclusive, diverse spaces in the beauty industry.


We stand with Aveda as their mission is to care for the Earth, and all those who live in it. It’s our responsibility and a non-negotiable for us to create a space of beauty, creativity, and inclusiveness. We do this through education, constantly learning and growing, and always being open to seeing the world through another’s eyes. We can gain so much when we are open to learning something new and seeing new perspectives.  


This is why we love hair. It speaks to our guests’ true colors and personalities. Through hair, creativity can soar, self-expression can take a front seat, and that unique sparkle we each carry can truly shine. Everyone deserves to express their authentic self and we are here for it!


When you are at Cultivate, it’s more than a hair appointment…it’s a space of respect, kindness, and understanding. We don’t want you to just feel happy when you are here. We want you to feel renewed and valued for who you are. So, no matter your hair type, texture, or style preferences, we are focused on creating your Dream Hair and helping you shine in your unique and beautiful way.    

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