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The Power of Taking Care of Yourself

Jamie Long at Cultivate Hair Salon

This journey called life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Full transparency, I struggle with anxiety and depression. I also can get hyper-focused on my daily tasks to the point of burnout. As a business owner, my work is never done. There is always something that needs my attention and it can be overwhelming. And before you know it, you are juggling all these elements of life that you forget about your own self-care.


It wasn’t until I really stopped and self-evaluated, that I realized depression was starting to creep into my daily routines and schedule. That’s the thing about depression, it’s no big deal until it’s fully taken over.


I stopped wearing makeup, my hair was typically in a bun, I wouldn’t wear heels, and my workout schedule was non-existent. I just felt drained all the time. Things were getting done, but I wasn’t feeling like me anymore. That spark that I am so proud of, was dimming.


That was my light-bulb moment. I knew I needed to take back control. I acknowledged how I was letting myself down and was determined to change. I needed my spark back. It wasn’t easy or fun. It took work on my end to really break some bad routines that left little space for my self-care. But I knew this…when I look good, I feel good. And when I feel good, I do better.


So what better way to give myself a boost than starting to invest in my self-care routine. I was intentional about getting up, getting dressed in something I liked, and taking care of myself, my hair, and even my makeup. Some days that meant just slapping on some bold lipstick…but I started the habit and kept trying. Investing in myself each morning and listening to my body when it’s tired and done is how I honor myself. How I maintain my spark…by investing in myself.


So if you see me with makeup on and my hair done, that’s me trying. That’s me taking my power back in little ways. I’m making the change I want to see in me. Because that is the self-care that spoke to me. And as we know, it’s the little changes, those little things that add up to great things.


If you are struggling with the juggling of life, just know that you are not alone and you always have a place to reach out to be seen and heard. Each day, I have the privilege to see my guest’s spark burn a little brighter after every service. It’s amazing what one appointment filled with self-care can do for a person. That is the power of taking care of yourself.

This journey is tiresome but by taking the time to take care of yourself, creating space to invest in you, it’s totally doable.

You got this!

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