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Time to talk about your Hair Home Care Routine

Cultivate Hair Salon Aveda Products

We love our Aveda products…deeply! Not only for the amazing aromas, but Aveda has formulated high-performing products with natural chemistry that helps reduce or eliminate waste and focuses on the health of your hair and the environment. Not only is every product vegan, Aveda has been opposed to animal testing since 1978. It’s a company we stand by because there is accountability to their client’s health as well as the world around them.


But with that deep love we have for our products, we value our guest’s time, money, and trust above all else. We believe in full transparency in every aspect of our business, so when it comes to finding the right Home Hair Care routine for you, or an in-salon treatment recommendation, know that it comes from a place of honest recommendations. We are trained to assess your hair and scalp health & find solutions to keep both as healthy as possible.


Our goal is to protect the integrity of your natural hair as well as your investment! In order to achieve your Dream Hair, we need to make sure your natural hair is healthy enough to get there and to keep shining beautifully.


And the fantastic thing about our Aveda products is that you can customize your home care to fit your individual needs. Protect your color with our Color Control line, add in a little Botanical Repair Overnight Serum to strengthen and repair while you sleep, and don’t forget a weekly Nutriplenish masque for hydration and…voila! You’ve got your own personalized, perfect lineup to keep your Dream Hair looking stunning every day of the week.


Customizing your Home Care with Cultivate takes the guess work out of what your hair needs and helps you repair, hydrate, and grow where you need it the most. Not sure where to start? No problem! Just ask. We have travel-sized options if you need to ease yourself into your new Home Care Routine. The important thing to do is…just start. Little by little or all at once. The right products will help your cultivate the hair of your dreams. And Dream Hair is always the goal!

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