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Dedication to Education

Educator Melissa & Jamie at an Aveda Education Event
Educator Melissa & Jamie at an Aveda Education Event

Education comes in all different forms. It can come from the classroom, life lessons, obstacles, and even getting your hands dirty and just doing. All the experience and training we immerse ourselves into daily adds up and fuels growth.

We are firm believers that learning should never end.  It’s a core belief of mine, which is why I became an Aveda Educator. As we partake in learning, we can lead by example and share that knowledge with our community and network. When I talk about my “WHY” as an Aveda Educator, it’s about the opportunities to give back to the craft that I love and creating those “Ah-ha” moments for myself and others. Being a part of someone’s growth journey is a powerful connection and it fuels my own fire.  

This is why we love Aveda so much. They are committed to constantly growing their knowledge to create powerful performance products by marrying naturally derived ingredients with green chemistry that focuses on human health and environmental health.  


The big question is…why is it important to have a stylist dedicated to education? What are the benefits for you as our guest?

The answer is simple…when you know better, you do better. When a stylist is dedicated to education and growth, they are making a commitment to provide higher-quality and more diverse services to their guests. Having a stylist that WANTS to grow their skills means they are dedicated to being the best version of themselves behind the chair…and that’s the stylist you want in your corner. That’s the artist that will create your Dream Hair & keep pivoting with you when your goals change.

This is why our Cultivars are forever learners. Persistent under cultivation, always growing, always refining. For us, it’s not enough to stay in our comfort zone. Great things come from growth and pushing ourselves into more education and experiences.


“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb

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