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What sets Cultivate Hair Salon apart?

Behind the Scenes at Cultivate Hair Salon

We talk a lot about the Cultivate Way and the little details that set us apart from other salons.

For us, it’s about building a place where guests feel seen, heard, and uplifted. It’s about communication, follow through, and above all else, relationships.

We believe in education, for ourselves and our guests. It’s about sharing the knowledge we have worked tirelessly to gain with those around us to help elevate their skills in nurturing and caring for themselves & their hair.

Because to us, Dream Hair doesn’t just end with the perfect cut and color. That’s the destination. We are about enhancing the journey experience while we reach the destination. For us, both are equally important.

We invest in our guests.

We want each guest to know they are not alone, but rather they have an experienced guide to help them along their path. Helping find their Dream Hair and what that means is different for every guest, which is why we specialize in tailoring our consultations and services to best serve each individual.

Hair is profoundly personal, and the journey should be the same…personal. Investing your time in our salon and stylists isn’t taken lightly. We want you to feel comfortable, important, and appreciated when you are with us. This is why we go the extra mile to know who you are, find out what your goals are, and where you feel most comfortable. We track every goal post, every change, and document the journey so we can show you where you’ve started versus where you are today.

This was the vision when building Cultivate. To create a place where anyone can walk through our doors and feel accepted. A place where guests can feel like themselves and fall in love with their hair. The moment a guest’s eye lights up when they see their Dream Hair is what fuels us and we want to make that journey as personal as possible.

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