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Why Aveda?

As hair stylist and a salon owner, I always get asked, “Why Aveda?”

I’ve had a long journey with Aveda and it all started when I first used my grandmother’s Blue Malva shampoo. I was nine at the time!

So when I say my love runs deep, I’m not joking.

There was something intoxicating about those products. Whether it was the smell, or the fact that it was my grandma’s products…either way, Aveda has been in my background since I can remember.

I knew my path was leading me towards hair (remember…third generation hairdresser here), so I started looking deeper into Aveda and what they were all about. It’s where I ultimately decided to start my journey and go to school. I was all about their environmentally conscious company and their passion for hair and education.

In the hair industry, hairdressers are known to switch salons, switch products, and be a little flippant to be honest. I didn’t want that for myself. If I was going on this journey with Aveda, I wanted to be committed.

I worked hard. Really hard. I became an Aveda Artist and found a love for teaching and collaborating with fellow artists, which let me to become a certified Aveda Hair Color Educator in 2013. And then in 2021, I became a Purefessional, which is a journey I'll get into later.

When Cultivate was beginning to form, I had to make a choice about products. As an Aveda Alumnae and Educator, it wasn’t really that hard to choose. However, a new journey may need new choices, right?

Truth be told there was only three options I’d ever consider. All three are plant based, environmentally concise, and truly care for their people. But at the end of the day, I worked hard for my standing in Aveda and I didn’t want to lose that. Not to mention my love for what Aveda truly stands for. They genuinely care about how their products are made, their carbon footprint, and the health and well-being of their clientele. So, the answer was simple. I made a call, submitted our Aveda order, and never looked back.

And it’s a call I’d make over and over again.

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